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Welcome to the Do Me Fan Club for this Sex God!

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*sigh* You know what? I REALLY wish he looked like this OUT of "costume" as well. I hate the short cropped hair he has "in real life".

Whatta waste. If he'd only grow out his hair, I'd be one happy chicka.
I was just thinking the same thing :) darn. Someone needs to tell me to grow it back.

Congrats on your 100 members in DMP :) yea!

I wish I had that luck in mine :P
Well, I spam my community link ALL over the place--that's why so many people see it/join it. :-P

Maybe put up your links in community_promo
Also, try advertising in: phantomfans, and hell, even advertise in my community (do_me_phantom) if you want. :)
I know I dont have to remind you, how much you rock. thanks
Hmm, I disagree. I love his hair in real life, more than his Raoul hair. But either way I love him. ^.~

Deleted comment

ditto..*runs after erik & leaves raoul combing his hair*
What the hell are you doing commenting in here then???
Sorry its Lonely, I am still trying to get the word out on this site.
No, not you, I was talking to the "Eww, Raoul sucks!" girl above.
and so was I , guess it posted in the wrong thread!
uhh...then why the hell are you here? lol
yep, that was stated above!

Deleted comment

BANNING! You just being Mean!
i lurve this community
enjoy your stay !
omg that pic is soooooo freakin hot!!!
Yes it is!